Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Making Light: Salwar kameez

I have been carrying on a conversation at Making Light: Salwar kameez
for some time. There are several of us that enjoy wearing Indian clothes, because they are so comfortable and attractive, as well as being good for lying around in. Three of us started wearing them because of illness. Who wants to open the door at 1:00 PM in their pjs ? Actually, salwar kameez is where we get pjs. They come from kurta pyjama, the men's version- a long loose shirt over loose pants. We like wearing the daytime version. The discussion is about experiences wearing them in public, online stores where we have had good (and bad) experiences, and a side discussion about having illness that causes chronic fatigue. We are finding that lots of people are reading it, including salwar kameez manufacturers. It amazes me that 3 disabled housewives can have an impact on the industry.

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Teresa said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the conversation. Are you guys aware that you're Making Light's longest-running comment thread?