Monday, May 7, 2007

here I am in my favorite sari

I'm not exactly the most svelte person, but the sari is beautiful anyway. Half my wardrobe is now either saris (which I wear rarely) or salwar kameez, (which I wear often). I think I'm a bit too large to carry off a sari right now, but that will change. This sari is a handloom ikat. Part of why I like it is that it is handmade, the work of human hands. It amazes me, the beauty and delicacy of handloom fabrics, that we can make things like this with practice and persistance. In this country we have, for the most part, lost the notion that we can make beautiful useful things ourselves. We run out and buy a wooden spoon. But what if we spent a couple evenings with a knife and made our own. Wouldn't it have more meaning to us? It's no longer just a spoon, its the spoon that I made. I learned to weave a little before I got too sick. I wove a table runner as a first project. I feel very different about it than machine made runners in my drawer. I have something approaching the same feelings towards the two hand woven runners I have. This kind of handwork is something that makes us truly human. We create something, from beginning to end and see that it is good. It is an act of co-creation with God. Posted by Picasa

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