Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Few Words About Lectio Devina

Lectio is what we do when we aren't doing something else.

lectio is a way of thinking, of finding God in experience.
lectio is a way of relating to and loving God as God loves us.

lectio is like poetry...
like nature when we really stop to see it.

Traditionally, there are 3 inspirations for lectio: scripture, nature, and interpersonal relationships.
Lectio in NOT preparation for prayer- it is prayer.

Allow the Word the freedom of your mind and heart

We are disciples for whom it is more proper to be silent than to speak.
There are times to sort out thoughts, speak about problems, and put into words what we feel
towards God. This is NOT that time. This is the time to be still, to wait, and to listen. God's
word invites us to listen with THE EARS OF THE HEART.

Have an attitude of expectancy.

Approach lectio without an agenda, without planning what we hope to achieve or experience.
When we do that, we remain stuck in our own thoughts, and aren't open to hear God.

LECTIO- reading. a slow, contemplative praying of scripture which enables the Bible to become
a means of union with God.
Read out loud- it slows us down,
involves more senses,
makes it different from other reading,
helps you remember.
Find the word or phrase that most speaks to you to your heart. It does not have to be in
context. Allow it to interact with your inner world of memories, concerns and ideas -it leads to:
MEDITATIO- Meditation
musing, ruminating... Mary pondering all these things in her heart. Luke 2:19...
cry of the prophets in the Sh'ma Hear O Israel! ...Gospel of John IN THE BEGINNING WAS
THE WORD... First word of the rule of St. Benedict LISTEN...

ORATIO- prayer. We allow the word or image to penetrate, touch, change our deepest self. How
do I respond? Speak to God;
use words ideas or images or all three.
Give what you have discovered about yourself to God.
Experience the word or phrase that God has given you as a means of blessing...
as a means of transforming ideas and memories into new insight...
Give to God what you have found in your heart.

CONTEMPLATIO-contemplation. rest in the presence of God. Anyone who has been in love or
been loved knows that there are times when words are unnecessary. simply being in the presence
of the beloved is enough. We cease our interior spiritual DOING and simply learn to BE. We
simply ARE in the presence of God.

Don't be afraid of distractions-
memories or thoughts that rise up during contemplation are simply parts of
yourself that are asking to be given to God along with the rest of your inner self.
When they come up, commend them to God and then let them go.

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